The MKB (Mothers know best) cocktail

By Michael Bonacini
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  • 45 milliliters gin
  • 15 milliliters fresh lemon juice
  • 30 milliliters sparkling elderflower water
  • Chilled champagne or prosecco or sparkling wine to top the glass up
  • Lemon zest for garnish


  1. In a tall champagne flute, pour in the 45 milliliters of gin, followed by the lemon juice and elderflower water. Top the glass up with chilled bubbly of your choice. Garnish with a bit of lemon zest and serve.

Note: with kids at the table, skip the gin and the bubbly and add extra elderflower vodka for a delicious, refreshing kid-friendly cocktail. Or, save it all for yourself – we all know you need it!


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