Salted greens

By Simon Thibault
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Versatile salted greens to use in soups, stews, dumplings and more. 



  • Green onions (scallions)
  • Large-grained salt/kosher salt


  1. Start by chopping off the roots of your green onions. Roughly chop green onions from base to tip and place them in a large glass or plastic bowl. Add enough salt so that green onions look like they are covered in small crystals Mix them together. And then add the same amount of salt as you did the first time. Mix it all together again, and then let it sit overnight, preferably in a cool place.
  2. The next day you’ll notice the volume of green onions has decreased slightly and you may have a bit of brine in the bottom. What you want to do is add more salt, until green onions look somewhat like they did when you first added salt. 
  3. Pack green onions tightly into Mason jars and close the lid. They will last for up to a year. If you want them to keep their colour, feel free to place them in the freezer. Use in soups stews, dumplings, rappie pies, fricot, or anywhere else you need a salty and oniony kick. IA little goes a long way.


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