Rice cereal bunny heads

By Irene Matys
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Rice cereal bunny heads

A super-easy, super-fun activity for kids and adults alike is crafting these Easter bunny heads with rice cereal, coloured icing and little candy eyes. Oh, and don't forget the chocolate!



  • 6-8 Rice Cereal Treats
  • 1 tube of white icing
  • 1 tube pink icing
  • 1 tube black icing
  • 12-16 Candy eyes
  • 6-8 pastel colour chocolate candies
  • 6-8 wooden Popsicle sticks


  1. Lay the rice cereal treats flat horizontally. On the bottom centre of one side, place a small dab of white icing and stick a chocolate on top. That will be the bunny's nose.
  2. With the black icing, make a few whiskers on each side of the nose. Place another two dabs of white icing above the nose for the eyes. Stick an candy eyeball on each of them. To make the ears, above each eye ball, make a thin long oval outline with the white icing. fill in the centre with the pink icing.
  3. Repeat with remaining rice cereal squares. Place a wooden popsicle stick at the end of the cereal treat to enjoy like a pop.


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