Charcuterie board

By Annegret Henninger
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Open a bottle of Jackson-Triggs Grand Reserve Sparkling Merlot that lets you experiment a little with your choice of flavour! It goes really well with this Charcuterie board, with a ton of variety in selection of meat and cheese.



For meat choices:

  • Prosciutto, culatello, a mild salami, anything pork or duck based will be absolutely beautiful.

For cheese choices:

  • Parmesan or Pecorino
  • Aged Agropur Grand cheddar from Saint-Hubert Quebec
  • Avonlea cloth bound cheddar from Prince Edward Island
  • Lankaaster from Lancaster won the top prize at the global cheese awards so this definitely should be included too
  • Decoration: include toasted nuts (ideally walnuts), dried cherries, and Taralli which you can get at your local gourmet or fine grocery store


  1. Prepare all ingredients, arrange on board, and serve!


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